Why use Instagram as an advertising platform?

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Why use Instagram as an advertising platform?

Social Media has significantly influenced our lives in the course of the most recent couple of years. The effect of the long list of social networking websites has not been limited to social side, but has also impacted the economic side as the promoting products and companies is very easy to reach. Accordingly, there is an incredible interest for the promoted products or companies.

Instagram has emerged as the most effective social media platform amongst the others of similar age. According to Instagram statistics, Instagram has more than 1 billion active monthly users and this growth is likely to increment strikingly throughout the following year. Most importantly, user friendliness of Instagram and thousands of images and videos constantly uploading daily have made Instagram a popular choice for advertising campaigns. Advertising companies are taking the advantage of such a large audience to promote their products with no or very minimal investments.

Instagram statistics

In the last few years, Instagram has developed a lot in terms of the improvements or addition of new features:  business profiles, Instagram stories, sponsored ads, live video, recently launched IGTV and much more.

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Instagram Live Video

Significant features about Instagram that make it stand out:

Unique Algorithm: The most effective thing about Instagram is that it has a great algorithm that shows ads and Explore page content according to the people you follow, posts you like or the posts you open. Hence, it is amongst the top social media that shows tailored content and thus very important in targeting your niche.

According to Instagram statistics, Instagram has more than 500 million active users daily. 1 in 3 daily users say they become more interested in a product because they saw it on Instagram stories.

User Engagement: Instagram might not have the greatest user count but user engagement is much more than other social media platforms including Facebook and twitter. Highly interactive stickers like polls and questions gives more interactions with the followers. Where polls have made the conclusions on certain dilemmas much easier, questions on the other hand prompts the followers to ask questions which they otherwise would not have asked.

Collaborations: Although collaborations with influencers has nothing to do with Instagram features but it serves as a major advertising tool for companies who intend to reach a wider customer base for their products. Hashtags on the posts of promoted products will help people reach your website or profile and will improve your social media optimization.

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