Figuring the best for you: Mobile Apps vs Mobile Websites

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Figuring the best for you: Mobile Apps vs Mobile Websites

Certainly, the number of mobile-phone users have much exceeded in the past few years. You can hardly find a person using only the desktop for browsing online but almost everyone around with mobile phones is using it for browsing. The companies are completely aware of the fact that they have to incorporate a mobile strategy. Consequently, they are reviewing their strategies. However, the major question that they have been struggling is which one is better in mobile apps vs. mobile websites.

Every step in the life of your business has challenges and require deep inspection but depending on the set conditions it is never too difficult to finding the best for your business. Similar is the case with mobile applications. Just consider a few factors and you can easily figure out the best conveyance to target your mobile phone users.

Business Considerations

1. Business Type

If you have a business offering online services of your customers interact with you a lot then having a mobile application kind of becomes a necessity for you. For example, a retail business, banking services or online booking system; for such kind of businesses you cannot just depend on your responsive website as users might shift to another website the next time they search on search engines. While an application can give you a loyal and permanent customer that enjoys your online services.
But if your website just gives a layout of what you do and how they can contact you, you do not need a mobile app.

2. Audience

Depending on your targeted audience, if you target a group of people too busy in their life, such as corporate personnel, a mobile responsive website could be a better option as they might find that easier and more convenient and might simple skip downloading the application and take services of your competitor!

3. User Experience

Ease of accessing and the swiftness of reaching the desired information is important while choosing the appropriate option.

4. Budget

You must analyse the amount to be spent. You would not want to spend too much than what your company’s worth allows.

Development Considerations

As by this time you have already considered the business scenario. Now, consider the development factors in the making of Mobile apps vs Mobile websites:

1. Ease and speed of implementation

If you are using a template or developing from the scratch or the deadline by which you need the project ready, all such factors need to be considered.

2. Updates and maintenance

Consider the time and cost that would need to be invested in updating the website or application with changing technology environment.

3. Search engine optimisation

As discussed in previous post, mobile optimised websites get higher SEO ranking. This is an important factor to consider while choosing the best for your business.

4. Evolving web technologies

Keep in mind that the technology is evolving with every passing second and you cannot keep the same website or application forever. Choose the developing environment and framework wisely.

5. Data connectivity and offline use

If you want your user to have access to the information offline, go for the mobile application.

6. Paid vs. free

Consider if you want premium paid features and how your customers can access those.

You can figure out the best by considering the above mentioned points. Since the average time spent on mobile applications is much more as compared to mobile websites but you cannot choose mobile app over website for that sole reason. For example, a new business cannot choose to have mobile app without proper marketing strategy to reach the audience. Hence, all the factors need to be clearly analysed before making the decision.