7 Reasons to Get a Website

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7 Reasons to Get a Website

Websites can do wonders for your business, doesn’t matter what business you do. Are you wondering if you should invest in having a website for your Small Business? Do you think that the investment made into a website will be of no worth? Following points will explain the why you must get a website:

1. Tell your story

You can get your website customised according to your requirements. It’s like having a personal space on internet where you can tell your story the way you want. There are various websites where your customers could check reviews about your business, but there is nothing as good as your website to tell your tale.

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2. Rising Internet Penetration

According to Kantar IMRB report, the Internet Penetration in 2018 in India was 35% of Indian Population, that is 500 million people and it is expected to rise up to 650 Million in 2019. Internet has created its own universe and to sell your products or services you will have to find a way to enter this universe. A website is perfect for you grand professional entrance to this universe.

3. 24 Hour Business

Serving your customers 24X7 is not easily practical. But with online business, you can have indirect interaction with them at any time. If you get your eCommerce website, customers can make orders at any time of the day. Even if your business does not support eCommerce, you can still have a website to for customers to make online appointments, check your availability, pay your advances or course charges and so on. Options are endless!

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4. Competition

Your competitors with the same business are in the same city, in the same lane! It can limit the number of your daily customers. Through your website you can attract and serve customers from the other corner of the city or the country.

5. Google Search Engine Presence

Google is the most used search engine, nowadays. If you have a website, your business will appear in Google Search Results when a customer searches for particular words. You may include such mostly searched words to your website content and it will help to make your website appear on top of the list.


6. Website does not always require coding

A lot of free Content Management Tools, like WordPress can be used to create your website instantly and a simple website can get ready to be live in as less as half an hour. Or you can hire professional Web Designers to create a customised Website.

7. Answer Frequently Asked Questions   

You can insert a form on the website for customers to ask any query and then reply them and in no time you will get to know FAQs about your business and can list all the questions with answers on your website only.   


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